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Justice is private, Evil is public


I was watching super heroes in special effects (Tokusatsu) of TV programs at a young age. 

I was watching Anime, too. Anime fascinated me with a bold staging than Tokusatsu.

Justice in that story was the most correct regularity and morality in our everyday life. And, Those that destroy it was evil.

Even if a parent tells the correct morality, children may not be as intended. Also, when you see that children of the same age take correct actions, they seem to be obedient to adults, it is embarrassing and sometimes impossible to act obediently.

Understanding correct morality is to understand a person's relationships with other people. It is one of the very important growth factors for children.

Even if the child is hesitant to do justice, the hero confidently accomplishes. I don't know what the recent moral education is but I think that this heroic story is the most pure and easy to understand.

Although the times are various, do you have Anime or Video games that you were influenced when you were a child?

What is justice? What is evil? It is not easy to define it, but I have a definition to use when thinking about a story.

That is "Justice is private and evil is public."

Justice always exists only inside of ourselves and the limited scope that it affects. What you believe is part of yourself. Sometimes the opinions differ from others, which is natural. And the two different ideas are justice and even if they confront it is not said to be "a conflict of justice and evil".

How about evil against it?

Is it evil what denies believing justice? It's not. This evil is to destroy common regulations or rules. So bad behavior and ideas are shared by many people. This is the public nature of evil. Whatever judgment it is "bad thing", and if it is an act that threatens living or life, people's emotions will be more synchronized.

This is a common opinion. However, I think that this structure is the origin of Heroic.

Superheroes are strong and courageous. Fighting for justice is to deny evil. So this is not that people of different ideas are in conflict.(It doesn't mean justice vs justice.) The role of a hero is not his own belief, but to defeat what many people regard as "evil".

The hero suffers accordingly. Why do I have to sacrifice myself to help people? But there are reasons. There are different stories individually as it is "fate" or "karma".

My hero is always in suffering to fight. But I am moved by seeing the hero accept one's portion in life.


A long time ago there was a small blue hero. He had a hidden truth. There was another red hero who lives like a shadow. .......

My favorite artist "John Mellencamp" is singing such a song.

Someday / John Mellencamp

Listening to this song, I hear a sad Blues though it is a pure Rock.


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I'm sorry if my English sentences are incorrect. Please tell me the correct English.